The Trend of Reality Programming on TV

Absolutely not! The inundation of so called Reality Programs has done nothing to improve the quality of television programming; just the opposite in recent years the intelligence level of television programs has decreased considerably.

With reality programs only a minimal amount of “real” talent is needed; as a result professional actors are getting scarce. Writers are finding themselves out of work because with this type of programming writers are not needed or if any are, it is only one or two.

Networks claim that reality programs are less expensive to make so they have migrated in that direction. Continuing this spiral will end up causing fewer people to actually watch a program, which decreases the amount of advertising income, and the continued practice of shows being canceled faster and faster because again no one is watching. Viewership is already down and if the networks continue to air more reality programs the quality will continue to decline, premium services and other such providers will benefit in the end; as well as, some movie, game, and music providers.

It used to be that people could get a bit of an education watching television shows, but not any longer. This is a tragic path to follow. Instead of being a leading nation, we are becoming a dumber one and the current television line up is only one piece of that puzzle.